Review: Fake & Bake Flawless

Fake & Bake Flawless

What you get:

Self tanning liquid

Professional mit

Rubber gloves

Price: $12.05 at vs. $26.50 at

Suggested Corresponding Products:

St. Tropez Applicator Mit – Ulta $6.50 

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub – Ulta $15.00  

I think all of us who are located here in Chicago can agree this summer we needed a little extra help from fake tanning products to give us that summer glow. I started tanning via the tanning bed when I was a senior in high school. I trying to step away from the bed and move toward tanning lotions and sprays. With that being said over the years I have tried many different products. Fake & Bake Flawless being my favorite.

I learned about the Fake & Bake Flawless product from 17 year old sister. Seeing as though she is legally not old enough to use a tanning bed in the state of Illinois she is a fake tanning expert. If you are like me and like to get a good deal on beauty products- check out Amazon. I got the Fake & Bake Flawless self tanning liquid for $12.50 with free 2-day shipping (via my Prime membership) in comparison to $26.50 at Ulta- more than half off!

I recommend using Fake & Bake two days before a big event. So if I was going somewhere special on Saturday or just generally wanted to look my best Saturday- I would apply Thursday night before bed. It is also best to shower and apply before bed and rinse off in the morning if possible. I have found that it takes about 12 hours for the product to really soak in.

Prep your skin by bathing immediately before application. It is best to use a body scrub in order to exfoliate and repair dry skin. If you are applying Fake & Bake for a second time in a given week I would recommend skipping exfoliating as you will scrub off your prior application. Once you are out of the shower completely dry your skin. Do not apply lotion or any products to your skin. Make sure your hair is tied up or in a “turbie-twistie” as I like to use post shower. Shake the Fake & Bake liquid well before using. Be sure to put on rubber gloves as you do not want your hands being extra dark. I tend to start with my left arm, right arm, chest/stomach/sides, legs & feet, and then get some assistance with my backside. I tend to hold the spray a couple inches away from my body and I spray directly onto my skin. I rub the spray in with a circular motion using the professional mit. For more sensitive areas such as elbows, knees, hands and feet I spray onto the mit and then blot and rub in a circular motion on my skin.  I do not use the product on my face, there is a special Fake & Bake product for your face which I have not yet tried. However, I have a pretty lengthy and complex daily skin care treatment that would cause the self tanner to become streaky.

Once you have completed the application I try avoid putting clothes on for 15 minutes.. I will sit and watch tv. or clean my room for a bit. I have white bed sheets and the only time I have seen the product leave a mess in my bed is when I went directly to bed after application not letting the product dry. If you give the product enough time to dry there will be no mess or stains. Come morning do not be alarmed- you will appear to look a little orange. I take a light shower to rinse off the orange- meaning I do not scrub. I will use a washcloth with regular body wash and lightly rinse off my skin. Post shower I go about my usually routine applying lotion. The color will appear to be a golden-bronze with even a hint of pink making it look like you naturally tanned outdoors.

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