Morphe Brushes Review 1

Morphe Brush Review

After stalking many beauty vlogs I decided to make the purchase of my very own mixed-and-matched set of Morphe Brushes. If you have not heard of the brand, beauty vloggers such as Jaclyn Hill, Patrick Starr, and Kathleenlights all rave about these brushes. Morphe is located in California and sells professional quality, affordable makeup brushes. I watched all different beauty vlogs and selected brushes that I really felt met my needs and would apply to my makeup routine. I also found different uses for each brush than I had expected from the beauty vlogs I watched. I know there are people who are skeptical of Morphe, and have had a bad experience. However, that was not the case for me. Keep reading to learn my review of the 8 brushes I purchased and how I use each.

*These brushes are described in order as they are pictured above!

1. E18 Round Crease

The E18 brush is a brush I discovered via Jaclyn Hill. She uses this brush to apply a white brightening eyeshadow to the tearducts. The E18 works perfect for this use. I also use this brush to apply a more shimmery powder to my lids, as it is really small and easy to control the shimmer from going everywhere. When applying a shimmery eyeshadow with this brush I pack the eyeshadow on first and then brush in a back and forth motion to spread it out.

2. M508 Smudger

I love this brush for applying eyeshadow underneath the lower lash line. It is a must have brush for any smoky-eye look you are creating. It also works great for applying eyeshadow into the creases of the eyelid for a more dramatic look.

3. M523 Tapered Powder

Although, I much prefer an angled brush for contour, the greatest use I have found for this brush is to contour. I use this with my Kat Von D ‘Shade + Light’ palette in the shade Shadowplay. I apply the product to the brush and apply it underneath the cheekbone in a back and forth motion. I also use the same product and same steps to set a cream contour. However, like I said I personally find a angled brush much easier to contour with like the Real Techniques brush I mentioned in my last brush post. But if you preferred a fluffier non angle brush – this is your go to.

4. M501 Pro Pointed Blender

The M501 is one of my favorite brushes. It is the absolute perfect brush for applying a highlight to your face. It is not too big or too fluffy, it is the perfect thin brush with long bristles. I use this with my Becca x Jacyln Hill ‘Shimmering Skin Perfector’ in Champagne Pop and just light flick the highlighter along my cheekbone above my blush.

5. M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff

This is a great brush for covering larger areas such as your lids. It is great for applying a base shadow as it is a little bit more of a fluffy brush. You can also use the brush as a tool to blend different eyeshadows when you are creating a look that has many layers and you want to eliminate harsh lines.

6. M438 Pointed Contour

I discovered this brush as well in a Jaclyn Hill tutorial. She uses this brush to set her concealer or cream contour. After I apply my concealer, I dip the M438 brush in my Kat Von D ‘Shade + Light’ palette and in the shade Lucid and pack it over the areas I applied concealer. This sets the concealer and helps it to stay in place.

7. M459 Flat Contour

Personally, I do not use this brush for contour itself. It would leave to precise of a contour, almost like a straight line. I prefer to use a fluffier brush for the contouring itself. After watching a Jaclyn Hill tutorial, she uses the brush to “clean up” your contour. So at the end of the day when you feel like your makeup has moved, take the brush and lightly push the contour back up and into place, it’s magical. Also, I saw Babs Beauty use this for a nose contour – GENIUS!

8. M439 Deluxe Buffer

If you like to use a brush for your foundation this is an excellent choice. I keep trying to force myself to use a brush to apply foundation, but I prefer a beauty blender. Personally, I have found that the beauty blender steals less product and applies the foundation more evenly to my face. When I was purchasing my Morphe brushes I did a lot of research. I  found a lot of people saying that this brush in particular left bristles all over their face. I have not found this to be the case at all. It is a perfect size, soft, and easy to use if you prefer to apply foundation with a brush.


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