Spring Break Beauty Products Under $10

Spring Break beauty Products Under $10

Heading to Cabo to sip pina coladas by the beach this spring break? Or partying with girlfriends in Vegas? Or maybe you are relaxing at home this spring. No matter where you are spending spring break don’t spend it without these 6 amazing beauty products under $10.00! From a men’s post-shave balm to a hair moisture renewal product, this list is pretty random. I listed these products under my cosmetics favorites for the month of April, however, I love them so much I needed to explain why each product is so awesome! Check out my 6 favorite products to look glamorous this spring on a budget!

1. OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Intense Moisturizing Treatment $6.49

I am a huge fan of OGX hair products. I have used the Coconut Milk shampoo & conditioner for almost 3 years now. Unfortunately, due to my poor ability to read instructions, the first time I purchased the OGX treatment I was using it completely wrong. I was using the treatment the same way I would use the It’s A Ten Hair Mask (putting about a dime size in my hair post shower and blow drying). I eventually stopped using the OGX treatment because it made my hair so damn greasy. Recently when I was in Florida I could not fit any hair products in my suit case, so I had to stock up at Walgreens when I arrived. Since Walgreens does not carry any It’s A 10 Products, I gave the OGX treatment another try,,, and I actually read the instructions! If you have color treated hair please try this product out you will not regret it. As you all know dyed hair can become dried out and dull after several color treatments. The OGX Intense Moisture Renewal Treatment will completely transform the texture of your hair to be softer and less frizzy. 2. Nivea For Men Sensitive post Shave Balm $5.59

2. Nivea For Men Sensitive post Shave Balm $5.59

I discovered the Nivea Mens Post Shave Balm via a Nikki Tutorials YouTube video. I am so grateful that she stumbled across this product because it is absolutely amazing! The reason the Nivea Post Shave balm works as a primer is because it is made with one of the same main ingredients as your expensive primers – glycerin. If you are not familiar with glycerin, it is sticky in texture and basically acts as a bond between your skin and your makeup. I thought that the smell of the post shave balm would be overwhelming and difficult to get used to, however, it disappears almost immediately.  If you are in the market for a new primer on a budget or just a primer in general – The Nivea Post Shave Balm is it! How can you go wrong with a facial primer for $5.59?!

3. NYX Setting Spray in Dewy $7.99

Setting spray is another product I have a difficult time splurging for. In college before I discovered setting spray was even a thing, I used my hair spray as setting spray (not the best idea). I discovered this product awhile back in one of Nikki Tutorials ‘Hits and Oh God No’s’ videos. I was getting pretty bored with my Urban Decay basic setting spray, I really wanted to get adventurous and play with a dewy spray, however, I was not crazy about spending $50+ to try a spray I may not like. I absolutely fell in love with this NYX Dewy Setting Spray and the best part, it is only $7.99! If you are looking for a dewy and sun-kissed finish to your makeup, look no further. This is an awesome product for spring break because even if you are not baking by the pool all day you can still get a dewy appearance.

4. Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner $5.99

Eyeliner and I are just not a great combination. Aside from my eyebrows, perfecting an even line of eyeliner on each eye, takes me the longest when doing my makeup. The Rimmel Glam Liquid Eyeliner is the easiest liquid eyeliner to use that I have found. The tiny felt tip brush is precise and easy to use. From a simple waterline to a clean cat eye the Rimmel Liquid liner can do it all. The only draw back of this eyeliner, is it smudges and runs easily. My eyes tend to water quickly if it is super sunny or windy outside. If I am having a day where I know my eyes will water a lot, I do not wear this liquid liner. If I do, I will have liquid liner all down my face, which is not cute. If your eyes do not have a tendency to water, you will have no problem.

5. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara $7.99

I discovered this mascara, which is now by far my favorite, on accident. I have extremely dark, long eyelashes and have never really found it necessary to spend insane amounts of money on mascara. My favorite mascara for the longest time has been the Covergirl LashBlast Volume. However, I get bored of products fairly quickly and am always wanting to try new brands and styles. When it came time to restock my mascara, I did not have time to get to the store. My sister was running to Target and I told her to just surprise me and pick me out a mascara. The L’Oreal Butterfly Mascara was such an amazing surprise. My favorite part of this mascara is the way it perfectly defines and separates each lash. It is not thick or chunky. It applies super evenly and the brush is easy to use. It gives eyelashes the perfect combination of volume and length. I purchased the waterproof version of this mascara for while I was in Florida and was not disappointed. My experience in the past with waterproof versions of mascaras is that they are very different that the regular mascara? The Butterfly Effect applies and appears the exact same in waterproof as it does in the regular mascara. My favorite part of this waterproof mascara is that it is easy to take off with my Neutrogena makeup wipes!

6. Eylure Brow Control & Shape $7.99

As you know I am a die hard Anastasia brow fan. All of my brow products are Anastasia from the powder, to the pomade, to the brushes. However, I cannot bring myself to buy their brow gel. It is WAY to overpriced at $22.00! Do not get me wrong the gel does do wonders – it holds my wild Italian eyebrows in place all day long. But it is just so damn expensive for a gel!? I have tried several other drugstore brands because I figured – how different could a gel really be? Wow was I wrong. I tried the NYX brow gel which did absolutely nothing. I also tried the Ulta brand brow gel which made my eyebrows crusty? Unfortunately, I recently ran out of my second bottle of Anastasia’s brow gel and I just could not purchase another. I browsed through Ultas site and spent over an hour reading reviews, until I finally decided to give Eylure’s brow gel a try. To say I was not disappointed is an understatement. The Eylure gel sculpts and holds my eyebrows in place just as well, if not better than the Anastasia brow gel. The best part it is only $7.99. Do not be fooled by the small size of the tube. One pump for each brow is all you will need!

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