Morphe Brushes Review 2

Morphe Brush Review 2

I have said it before and I will say it again, Morphe has by far the best makeup brushes out there. You get the best bang for your buck and very high-quality products. I love Morphe because I can try out several different brushes, tools, and techniques for the price of what one brush would cost at say Sephora or Mac. I have had nothing short of a superb experience with Morphe. I ordered my second round of brushes on a Tuesday and received them all by Friday! I own around 20 Morphe brushes to date, and will continue to buy more!

 M138 Round Contour 

The M138 Round Contour is my go-to blending brush. It is definitely less dense than the Deluxe Pointed blender, making it easier to get into smaller areas. It truly does blend like a dream.

 M507 Pointed Mini Blender 

The M507 is great for getting into hard to reach areas. I love using it to apply shadows to my lids it is also the perfect brush for the outer v and corners, as it is more defined. It works great for both cream and powder products. If you are doing a smoky eye and want to add in a small amount of a darker color, the M507 Pointed Mini Blender is the brush to reach for.

 B38 Deluxe Badger Crease

The B38 Deluxe Badger Crease is HOT on the Morphe Site. I tried to get this brush in my last order or brushes and it was sold out. This is a badger/goat blend brush and is super soft. The name says it all, this brush is perfect for getting into the crease of your eyelid and building up your shadows for a dramatic look.

M179 Angled Blush

The M179 Angled Blush is perfect for contouring. It is really similar to the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush $9.99, which is my favorite contour brush. The Morphe brush is a little less expensive at $6.99. The Angled Morphe brush is fluffy enough to bring the drama but angled to bring a bit of precision to your contouring.

E39 Mini Detail Lip 

Do you use a brush for applying products to your lips? A precision tip can make all the difference in creating the perfect pout. I like to use the E39 Mini Detail Lip to line my lips and use the regular wand for liquid lipstick or the lipstick itself to fill in. If you have not tried a lip brush this is a great place to start at costing only $1.60. The synthetic bristles are super high quality so do not be fooled by the low price. It should go without saying this brush should be cleaned after every use so that the colors of your lip colors are not mixed together.

M412 Deluxe Pointed Blender 

This is another super fluffy blending brush. I love this brush for highlighting the brow bone. It also works really well for blending out shadows on the lid and crease. Keep in mind this is a really fluffy brush so you not good for the outer v, corners, and lash lines. Think blending and coverage with this brush!

M558 Mini Detail Fan Brush 

This is the first brush from Morphe I really did not like. First, let me start by saying I am not a “fan” of the “fan brush”. I saw a little of vloggers recommend using a fan brush for highlighting, using this brush specifically. The highlight created with this brush was too clean cut for me and made harsh lines. Also, the bristles from this brush were falling out over my cheeks. This could just be the specific brush that I have, but I am not liking the M558. I am going to play around with it and see if I find other uses.

M506 Tapered Mini Blender 

The M506 is essentially just a smaller tapered version of the M507. They are pretty similar, aside from the fact that the M507 comes to more of a point and is less dense than the M506. That being said the Morphe M506 is a tad more precise than the M507. I love using the M506 to build up a smoky eye look, getting into hard to reach areas like the crease and upper lashline

 E23 Deluxe Blender

Unfortunately, as I am writing this post the E23 Deluxe blender is out of stock. The E23 is a very dense brush, perfect for covering large areas. This is another brush that is great for highlighting the brow bone. It also works great for packing on shadow all over the lid. It is a VERY high quality brush. The elite line is great for those who are looking for more professional brushes.

B45 Deluxe Angle Eyeliner 

Looking to create a dramatic cat eye? The B45 Deluxe Angle Eyeliner is a foolproof tool to perfect a cat-eye. I use it with my Maybelline Gel Liner. When using this brush be sure that the brush is evenly coated with eyeliner before applying. I try and clean it off after every use that the gel liner does not make the brush stiff due to dried up product.

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