What It’s Like To Be Part Of The Rocksbox Influencer Program

Back in April, I was asked to become part of the Rocksbox Influencer Program as an RB It Girl. I want to write a small post to share with future RB It Girls what the Influencer Program is about. I also want to share with you why I love the Rocksbox brand so much and of course my favorite pieces!

Rocksbox Influencer Program

Not Familiar With Rocksbox?

Rocksbox is the monthly subscription your #OOTD will thank you for. It delivers premium jewelry right to your doorstep for just $19 a month. For more details on how Rocksbox works,  check out my previous post The Rocksbox Experience. 

Rocksbox Influencer Program

What I LOVE about Rocksbox?

My favorite part about Rocksbox is the opportunity to add diverse designer pieces to your accessory game, on a budget. I certainly can not afford to buy new designer jewelry every month. I also have this problem where I splurge on a piece of jewelry, and wear it to the point of over doing it. Rocksbox gives me the chance to really step up my jewelry game each month with out having to dish out hundreds of dollars each month. It also gives me the chance to try out new pieces, I may not of picked out for myself. Rocksbox truly is the premier destination to borrow jewelry before you buy.

Rocksbox Influencer Program

What is An RB It Girl?

RB It Girls are selected by the Rocksbox team. How it worked for me was a rep reached out to me via email and invited me to join the influencer community. As an RB It Girl you will receive a free Rocksbox membership along with a unique promo code that can earn you unlimited credit toward keeping the designer pieces sent to you. You have the opportunity to appear in featured Instagram posts, website posts, and other social media for the brand. Being a part of the RB It Girl team is really a great opportunity to be a part of such a cool brand. The Rocksbox stylists and team are fun and attentive. They send weekly emails with fun articles, styling ideas and contests. If you are asked to be a RB It Girl, do not pass up the opportunity.

Rocksbox Influencer Program

What Sets Rocksbox Apart From Other Memberships?

In todays society memberships are booming. From Netflix to Spotify to Ipsy, it seems everywhere we turn we are signing up for a membership. What truly sets Rocksbox a part from all the other brands is their customer service. For example, I purchased the House of Harlow Age of Antiquity Bar Pendant from my second box (wearing it in the picture below). Unfortunately, the piece broke someway or another and was not fixable. I reached out to my Rocksbox rep and told her what happened. Immediately she wrote back and offered to refund me or replace the broken piece. The Rocksbox team truly goes above and beyond to make sure that you are loving your membership and able to rock each piece. After all jewelry should not be stressful, it should make you feel glamorous.

Rocksbox Influencer Program

My Favorite Pieces

By far my favorite Rocksbox piece is the Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace in Magenta! It is such a gorgeous accent piece that can add a pop of color to any outfit. I also absolutely love the Loren Hope Octavia Cuff in White Iridescent (above). Both of these pieces are from my most recent box, which I will be keeping. I also adore the House of Harlow Age of Antiquity Bar Pendant (above), which was from my second box. I purchased this piece but had to send it back to be refunded as it broke. My favorite piece from my first box was the Sophie Harper Pave Circle Necklace, which I also purchased. I really loved all of the pieces that were in my boxes. My stylists really did a great job picking through the 150+ pieces I added to my wish list.


Rocksbox Influencer Program

*This is a sponsored post courtesy of Rocksbox. I received 3 months of free jewelry to review and share with my followers. All opinions and feedback is 100% mine.*

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