Get A Box Of Fall Jewelry For FREE

Get A Box Of Fall Jewelry For FREE

Shopping for jewelry is something I rarely do. It’s not that I don’t like jewelry. And it is definitely not that I don’t like shopping. I read magazines, scroll through Instagram and Pinterest and am always amazed by the season’s jewelry trends and styles. But I can’t find it in myself to go to the store and spend $250.00 on this season’s hottest jewelry trend. Sure, I will try inexpensive pieces from Forever 21, H&M, or get lucky at Nordstrom Rack, but never do I buy high-end pieces for myself. Rocksbox was a definite game changer.

Why Rocksbox?

If you are unfamiliar with Rocksbox – let me give you the in’s and out’s. For $19 a month you will receive 3 pieces of jewelry hand-picked by a stylist. This can include any combination of necklaces, rings, earrings, or bracelets. Rocksbox carries over 30+ designers, so there is sure to be something you will love. You can keep your box as long as you would like, at a rate of $19 per month. If there is a gorgeous piece in your box you can’t part with – redeem your $10  monthly “shine” credit and buy the piece at a VERY discounted rate. If you decide to keep your ENTIRE box, you get an added bonus of $10 off.

As an RB It Girl, I get to give my friends, family, and followers their first month for FREE! Follow the directions below and use promo code: TheGirlAndTheBagxoxo

How To Get Fall Jewelry For FREE

1. Head to the Rocksbox website here

2. Click on the pink box in the upper right-hand corner “Join Now”

3. Enter in your email address & desired password

4. Complete the style quiz & select the designers you love!

5. Leave any notes that you would like your stylist to know. For example – I can’t wear heavy or long earrings because my ears have dragged. Let your stylist know anything you think she should know before selecting pieces for you.

6. Enter in all necessary shipping & billing information

7. You will need to enter credit card information for the month following your free month. If you wish you may cancel after the free month you are able to do so.

8. At the bottom of billing information page, there will be a section that says “Have A Promo or Gift Code?”. Enter TheGirlAndTheBagxoxo for your free month!

9. Click Become a member & your first box will be on its way!

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