The One Piece You Need For Perfect Fall Layers

The one piece you need for perfect fall layers?  A FITTED TURTLENECK

Layered looks are nothing new for fall. A layered look allows us to bundle up and get creative. This falls layered look is all about the turtlenecks. The key to perfecting this look is in the material. Stock up on fitted cotton turtlenecks, the thinner the better. You will want as little BULK as possible to rock this trend.  Here are two of my favorites:

J.Crew Factory Tissue Turtleneck $19.99 

Halogen Long Sleeve Turtleneck (regular & petite) $39.99

Turtlenecks can create a super chic look if done correctly. However, turtlenecks can get tricky and cross over the fine line of an awkward 80’s look. Learn my tips and tricks for rocking your number one piece for perfect fall layers – turtlenecks!


With turtlenecks, it is all about the proportions. Pair a fitted turtleneck with an a-line vest or a full skirt.

 Fall Layers

Layering Under Dresses

A turtleneck under a strappy dress is my favorite look for fall. Again, stick to thin materials when layering under strappy dresses. You do not want anything too bulky. A heavier fabric such as wool or suede is also ideal when choosing a dress.

Fall Layers

Wear Under Another Sweater

Double up and wear a sweater over your turtleneck. Throw your fitted turtleneck underneath a slouchy cable knit sweater. This will also help to keep you warm through the winter – bonus!



A monochromatic look is super chic when it comes to turtlenecks. The key here is to just make sure the colors seamlessly go together. You don’t want to pick two pieces that are just a little off, which will throw off your look.


Belt It

When in doubt, belt it! Belts have the ability to pull together an otherwise incomplete look. Belts are great over turtleneck looks with coats, full skirts, or high-waisted pants to great proportions and define your waist.




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