Beauty Products I Did NOT Like In 2017

Out with the old bad products & in with the new must-have products in 2018. I am kicking off the year by sharing the products I did NOT like in 2017 followed by a blog of the products I LOVED.

The products in this blog are items I discovered & tried out for the first time in 2017 & did NOT like. I gave these products a couple of fair tries, some products I even used for over a month. Please do not be offended if you love these products. Everyone has different tastes & beauty products work very different on different people. Please feel free to leave comments & let me & others know what you think of these products.

Real Techniques Silicone Foundation Applicator – Ulta $5.99

I bought the silicone foundation applicator because I saw beauty bloggers RAVING about it. I was not impressed at all. Beauty bloggers love this to apply liquid foundation because it doesn’t waste product. The problem is, however, the makeup just sits on top of the silicone pad & you basically just smear it across your face. I didn’t feel like my foundation was blended at all. I ended up still using a beauty blender to get the look I wanted. I also saw that some beauty bloggers ending up doing the same. So if the purpose is to not waste product, but yet you still need to use a beauty blender to blend, I don’t see the point. The first time I used this I also ended up wasting a lot of product because it all slid right off the applicator. If you are going to try out the silicone applicator for yourself, remember that a little bit of product goes a long way.

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter in Be My Highlight – Ulta $4.49

This highlighter was not for me. I like a glowy & dewy makeup look. This highlighter is way too subtle for me. It’s good for a “no makeup look”. In my opinion, there are definitely way better highlighters available on the market.

Ulta Brow Shaping Gel – Ulta $7.00

At first, I really loved this product. I thought it was too good to be true. I am a HUGE fan of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel. Unfortunately, I just can’t get behind spending $25.00 on a brow gel. I am constantly trying to find a drugstore dupe. The Ulta Brow Gel is not it. It feels good when you first apply it. It kept my brows in place throughout the whole day, however, it made my eyebrows crusty & the gel flaked off. It was also super hard to remove when I tried to take my makeup off. Save your money.

Maybelline Blur + Redness Control Primer – Target $7.79

I really love the Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Smooth Primer (it will be on my upcoming 2017 favorites list). I really didn’t see much of a difference between the Master Prime Blur + Smooth & Redness Control Primer. This is supposed to be a redness control primer, however, I didn’t notice any difference in redness for me personally, which is why I had to add it to this list. I did not feel that it performed in the way it is advertised to.

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Concealer – Ulta $9.99

This is another beauty blogger & YouTuber favorite. I could not get behind this product. I tried it out 3 times to get it a fair go, however, all 3 times it was burning my skin & my eyes began to water. I really thought I was the only one this was happening to. Then I was watching a Manny MUA video & the same exact thing happened to him. I really wish this worked well for me.

Yes To Coconut Micellar Cleansing Water – Target $8.99

I LOVE coconut. Whenever I discover a new coconut product I have to try it out. I was really really disappointed in the Yes To Coconut Micellar Cleansing Water. I really love the Yes To Tomatoes products, so I thought this would be a slam dunk for sure. The coconut smell is far too harsh (that is coming from a coconut lover). It smells way too similar to Malibu Rum. It took about twice as much product as my Garnier Micellar Cleanser to remove my makeup. The product claims to be hydrating, however, I actually found it to be very drying. I used this product for about a month and still could not get behind it.

Ulta Cream Eyeshadow & Eyeliner in Blackest Black – Ulta $8.00

I will start off by saying the second I opened this product up the eyeliner fell out & broke in half. I should have just called it quits right then & there & returned it, however, I was really curious to see how it wears. After receiving a replacement eyeliner from Ulta, I was disappointed yet again. The eyeliner is very hard to apply. I felt like I needed to add several layers for it to show up. When I used it as a “cream eyeshadow” it was SUPER hard to blend. I put the cream shadow on my lids with the intention of blending it with black eyeshadow into my crease. It took about 10 minutes of blending to make this work.

Morphe Translucent Ultra Fine Pro Setting Powder – Morphe $9.00

I am a huge Morphe fan. I think they make high-quality products at a super fair price. I was very disappointed that I did not like their setting powder. It worked well to set my under eye, however, I noticed a severe flashback in pictures. I did not like the way this product looked on me at all.

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