May Birthstone -Inspired Bags

May Birthstone Inspired Handbags

Do you have a friend, family member or significant other who’s birthday is in the month of May? A birthstone-inspired handbag is both a personal and stylish gift she will absolutely love.

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My Go-To Spring 2016 Bag

My Go To Spring 2016 Bag

There were so many bags I absolutely loved this spring. However, the Rebecca Minkoff ‘Fringe Regan Nubuck Satchel’ stole the show for Spring 2016 handbags!

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Handbags In Pantone’s Spring 2016 Colors

Pantone Spring 2016

My favorite thing to do before the start of a new season is to find statement pieces and, more importantly, handbags in Pantone’s colors for the season. I have selected a handbag in each of Pantone’s Spring 2016 colors!

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How To Properly Store & Care For Leather Bags

How To Properly Care For And Store Your Leather Handbags

From carrying heavy items, to color transfer, to dirt & dust; your handbag will come across a lot of wear and tear. Learn how to properly store and care for your handbags to ensure they have a long life!

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Handbag Trend: Bag Charms & Stickers

Hamdbag Trend - Bag Charms

Just like your old girl scout patches and touristy key-chains, bag charms and stickers add an extra pinch of personalization. Don’t be fooled, these trendy bag charms can range anywhere from $5-$1,000+.

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My Go To Winter Handbag

Rebecca Minkoff Moto Tote

Looking for a new bag for Winter 2016? The Rebecca Minkoff ‘Moto Tote’ is an edgy, luxurious, and practical handbag you are sure to love.

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