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How To wear Spring Florals In 2017

Although florals for spring may not be “groundbreaking”, there are fresh new ways to rock the trend in 2017. Spring fashion and floral prints just go together like bread and butter. Often, when we think of wearing floral clothing we automatically think of a floral blouse or dress. This season, we see everything from embroidered floral denim to floral print sneakers to single flower statement pieces. Keep reading to check out how I will be rocking floral in spring of 2017.

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15 Spring Trends Under $100.00

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING! Although it doesn’t feel quite like Spring outside in Chicago, March 20, 2017, has arrived. I could not be more excited for the trends that are starting beginning to pop up. From prairie style dresses to bold stripe paper bag pants to block heel mules, there are trends that everyone will enjoy mixing into their spring wardrobe.

This year, for my ‘Spring Trends’ blog post, I focused on 15 of my favorite trends of the season. For each trend, I picked out two different pieces that I have either bought or is similar to a piece I already own. Personally, I like to spend my money trying many different trends, rather than splurging on just a few pieces. That being said each piece in my Spring Tends blog post is under $100.00!

Leave comments & let me know which trends you are shopping for to add to your spring collection!

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What To Wear Right Now

February through mid-March are often the toughest months to feel inspired when it comes to your wardrobe. Around this time of year, I am pretty bored of my fall/winter closet. I am over that chunky sweater that I once splurged over because “I had to have it”. I am over my Steve Madden Pistol booties that go with literally everything. However,  it is not nearly warm enough to start rocking spring pieces yet. So what do you do to get out of your winter fashion rut? You get creative! I have put together a list of some trendy fashion pieces that are having a moment right now to help you get inspired. These could be pieces you already own and may help you find a new way to style them. These pieces also could be items that you snag off the sale rack and mix in with your spring wardrobe.

Plaid Jacket

Charter Club Plaid Duster Coat – Macy’s $41.99 (on sale)


Canada Goose Jacket

Canada Goose Roseclair Parka Fusion Fit in Graphite – Canada Goose $900.00


Velvet Joggers

Harlowe & Graham Velvet Joggers – Nordstrom Rack $27.97