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Buying A Condo In Your 20’s

Happy one-year home-iversary to me! I can’t believe it has been one whole year since I have closed on my condo. The first few months I moved in I barely had any time to blog. I was stressed, excited, & super busy working, furnishing my home & ya know living my life. Well, here I am one whole year later & I can’t say that too much has changed – other than I have one year of homeowner experience under my belt. I love being busy & although I have not had much time to blog, I have been truly living my best life.

I moved out and bought my condo at age 25 as a single female. I mention that I am a single female (not because I am singe  – I am in a relationship) but because legally speaking, I had to sign Taylor Rascia, Single Female on pretty much every line of the mortgage papers. This really stood out to me in the home buying process. So I did some research following the close. According to the Joint Center For Housing Studies – 1 in every 5 homeowners is a single woman & twice as many unmarried women are buying homes as unmarried men. Single women make up one- third of the growth in real state ownership since 1994.

Homeownership is one of my greatest accomplishments & proudest moments in life. It’s a pretty close run between home ownership & graduating from the DePaul business school. Homeownership teaches you discipline, responsibility, & how to better manage your finances. It challenges you in ways you never thought you would be – like learning how to clean out an HVAC condenser pipe at 2 AM (who knew you could just blow in it to clean out the debris??).

Homeownership can be stressful, rewarding, overwhelming, & exciting all at the same time. I am sharing 5 of my top tips for buying a condo in your 20’s – so you can learn from my experiences. Feel free to leave comments & ask questions or share your experience!