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Shein Review


I debated naming this blog “I ordered from Shein, so you don’t have to”. Even though the price of the clothing is dirt cheap and my gut told me it can’t be that great, I still placed an order because people REALLY do love Shein. I’m all about cheap finds and saving. I like to try out a lot of different trends each season and typically only wear trendy pieces a few times. Shein is way cheaper than Forever 21, H&M, etc., and the quality is WAY below. The material of the clothing is not great, however, the fit of everything is what really threw me off. I tried really hard to look at reviews and read the size charts, however, everything seemed just off. The crop tops that imagined should be tight were loose, the romper that is an XS fits like an XL, and the bathing bottoms are too small and top too big. Out of 12 items, I am returning 7.

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Leopard Print Bomber

This look was worn when I was in Miami a little over a month ago. I received so many requests for details on this bodysuit and leopard print bomber, I thought I would make a post with detz. Sadly, my specific ASTR bodysuit is sold out.  I linked a VERY similar bodysuit from Bloomingdales, however, there are not too many sizes left. Below are a few that I really love that are different colors or the same sexy lacey vibe.

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Target Wild Fable Review


If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I have been ALL about Target’s new line Wild Fable. I have been shopping at Target for clothes for over 10 years now. I LIVE for their new lines and collaborations, however, the Wild Fable line is unlike any other Target launch. This line is SUPER inexpensive ranging from $3.00 to the most expensive item at $38.00! It’s super trendy with cheetah prints, 80’s moto vibes, and fall flannel and denim staples. This line reminds me a LOT of Forever 21 because it has super trendy pieces at the right price. You’re able to try all of falls trends at an affordable price, rather than splurge on just one trendy high-end piece. Wild Fable also has some sexier pieces that I think are great for a college girl on a budget.

My absolute favorite part of the Wild Fable line – THE DENIM. Oh my god, the denim. Wild Fable houses by far the best denim that Target has launched (sorry Universal Thread). Wild Fables denim is of course super trendy, with zippers, holes, frayed hems, and overalls. There are mom jeans, skinny jeans, and wide leg jeans. Denim prices range from $15.00 – $31.00. I am not exaggerating when I say that their denim may be the best fitting denim that I own. I have received several compliments on the fit of all 3 pairs of denim that I purchased (I will link with pictures below). Their denim not only fits like a glove but are also super comfortable.

Keep reading to check out my must-have pieces from the collection.

P.S – I switched things up for this post & instead of using the product photos I used actual photos of me out and about wearing the pieces. Some of you gave feedback on my F21 haul on my Instagram story saying you liked to see how the pieces were styled. I hope you enjoy seeing how I styled these fun Wild Fable pieces from Target!

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How To Wear Snakeskin Print

It’s no sssssecret that snakeskin is huge this fall. It’s a trendy animal print popping up on bags, shoes, jackets – you name it. Just like the animal itself, snakeskin print can be intimidating. I am sharing 10 ways to rock the print this fall all under $150! Leave comments and share with me how you will be rocking the print this fall.

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Buying A Condo In Your 20’s

Happy one-year home-iversary to me! I can’t believe it has been one whole year since I have closed on my condo. The first few months I moved in I barely had any time to blog. I was stressed, excited, & super busy working, furnishing my home & ya know living my life. Well, here I am one whole year later & I can’t say that too much has changed – other than I have one year of homeowner experience under my belt. I love being busy & although I have not had much time to blog, I have been truly living my best life.

I moved out and bought my condo at age 25 as a single female. I mention that I am a single female (not because I am singe  – I am in a relationship) but because legally speaking, I had to sign Taylor Rascia, Single Female on pretty much every line of the mortgage papers. This really stood out to me in the home buying process. So I did some research following the close. According to the Joint Center For Housing Studies – 1 in every 5 homeowners is a single woman & twice as many unmarried women are buying homes as unmarried men. Single women make up one- third of the growth in real state ownership since 1994.

Homeownership is one of my greatest accomplishments & proudest moments in life. It’s a pretty close run between home ownership & graduating from the DePaul business school. Homeownership teaches you discipline, responsibility, & how to better manage your finances. It challenges you in ways you never thought you would be – like learning how to clean out an HVAC condenser pipe at 2 AM (who knew you could just blow in it to clean out the debris??).

Homeownership can be stressful, rewarding, overwhelming, & exciting all at the same time. I am sharing 5 of my top tips for buying a condo in your 20’s – so you can learn from my experiences. Feel free to leave comments & ask questions or share your experience!