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Best of Beauty 2016 Drugstore

2017 IS HERE!

With the start of the new year comes reflection, resolutions, and goals. Whether you are deciding to do a cleanse, a new exercise routine, or rid a bad habit, I think it is important to set a purpose to live by at the beginning of each year. My main focus this year is to do more activities and hobbies that make me happy. I work for a digital marketing firm and in combination with my blog, I am constantly on the computer or my phone. In 2017, I want to try and put the phone down, close the computer and get out and be active and do more things that I love. I signed up for a yoga membership, I made a pledge to read 15 books this year with Goodreads, and am hoping to sign up for an art class in the Spring (open to suggestions if you know of any in the Chicago area). I would love to hear your plans for 2017 – leave comments below if you would like to share!

 In the beauty and fashion blog industry the beginning of January means tons of videos and blog posts on the best beauty products of 2016. Personally, I spent a lot of time in 2016 trying out new drugstore beauty products and finding dups for my favorite high-end products. As of lately a lot of drugstore brands are having their moment and are frequently putting new products on the shelf. I decided this year for my best of beauty blog post, I would focus on my favorite skincare, makeup, and hair products I discovered at the drugstore in 2016. The below 20 products may not have necessarily come out in the year 2016, however, these were products that I found myself constantly grabbing for in beauty routine.