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How To wear Spring Florals In 2017

Although florals for spring may not be “groundbreaking”, there are fresh new ways to rock the trend in 2017. Spring fashion and floral prints just go together like bread and butter. Often, when we think of wearing floral clothing we automatically think of a floral blouse or dress. This season, we see everything from embroidered floral denim to floral print sneakers to single flower statement pieces. Keep reading to check out how I will be rocking floral in spring of 2017.

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15 Spring Trends Under $100.00

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING! Although it doesn’t feel quite like Spring outside in Chicago, March 20, 2017, has arrived. I could not be more excited for the trends that are starting beginning to pop up. From prairie style dresses to bold stripe paper bag pants to block heel mules, there are trends that everyone will enjoy mixing into their spring wardrobe.

This year, for my ‘Spring Trends’ blog post, I focused on 15 of my favorite trends of the season. For each trend, I picked out two different pieces that I have either bought or is similar to a piece I already own. Personally, I like to spend my money trying many different trends, rather than splurging on just a few pieces. That being said each piece in my Spring Tends blog post is under $100.00!

Leave comments & let me know which trends you are shopping for to add to your spring collection!

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Handbags in Pantone’s Spring 2017 Colors

It’s almost time to pack up your salt covered snowboots and your marshmallow winter coats  – March 20, 2017 is near. Who am I kidding, we had just about the most mild winter that I can remember here in Chicago. Which, I am not going to lie, I was disappointed by the lack of freezing days where my new Canada Goose jacket would be appropriate attire. On a more sunny note, spring is near and it is time to ring in a new season The Girl & The Bag style with my favorite blog post – Handbags in Pantone’s Spring 2017 colors.

For this years handbags in pantone’s spring colors I tried really hard to incorporate a lot of really unique pieces, whether they be a unique shape, a playful style, or just a designer that I don’t typically gravitate to. In 2017, I am trying to be more experimental in my style and trying to get out of my comfort zone. Pantone’s Spring 2017 color palette is bright and playful. The palette for me evokes feelings of a happy and sun soaked vacation. Primrose Yellow and Pink Yarrow are easily my two favorites in this palette. I love the transformation of bold bright colors in comparison to the cooltone pastels we have been seeing a lot of in the past seasons.
Keep reading to check out my 10 favorite handbags in Pantone’s Spring 2017 Colors! Leave comments and tell me what your favorite colors and bags are this season.