About Me


I discovered my love for fashion at age 17. My aunt landed me my first job in the women’s department at Marshalls. Marshalls taught me responsibility and to be accountable for myself; valuable life lessons that I will always be grateful for. I discovered how much I enjoyed fashion by the excitement I felt when I was given the chance to merchandise the floor.ย 

My passion for fashion began at age 19. I was home from college for the summer. I landed a job as a stylist at AKIRA Chicago. It was there that I was given the opportunity to work with a group of carefree, creative, and ambitious people. I was taught to express my creativity through apparel, accessories, and makeup. I discovered I was passionate in other areas outside of my current major in college. This led me to transfer schools to pursue a career in business at DePaul.

The summer I turned 21 I was given the opportunity to work in my favorite department of my favorite store -The Nordstrom Handbag Department. I was surrounded by such an amazing team and the products of the most talented, high-end, designers. Between the trend shows, morning shows, and vendor visits the style and etiquette I learned I will cherish forever.ย 

My Blog beganย at age 23. I had graduated from DePaul and began pursuing opportunities within my field – digital marketing & social media. My blog became a creative outlet outside of work to express my love for all things fashion and beauty. It became a way for me to combine my passion for fashion and my digital marketing skills.ย 

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