Thank You

Thank You To My Photographers

Chris Bartlett

I can not thank Chris, my co-worker, and friend, enough. Each & every day during our lunch break Chris is kind enough to wander through the West Loop with me and take pictures. Not only is he a great photographer, he has a great artistic eye for finding the perfect picture backgrounds. Thank you for always taking time out of your day to snap pics and get my creativity flowing.

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Carly Rascia

When I started my blog, I don’t thinkΒ Carly realized that she had now taken on the position as a live-in photographer. I can’t thank my sister enough for waking up a little early each morning before school and snapping pics by the infamous brick wall on the side of our garage. Although she is away at college, I still send her tons of snapshots seeking her feedback or approval before posting. Nobody will ever be as honest as a sister.

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Melissa Rascia

With my sister away at college, my mother has taken on the morning photographer role. I greatly appreciate her endless amount of patience as we try and capture the perfect shot. Aside from being my photographer, thank you, for your love, encouragement, inspiration, and advice. Oh.. and thank you for sharing your entire closet with me!


Thank You, Family, Friends, & Followers For Your Support!

  • Thank you to my dad for all of your love, support, guidance, advice, and teaching me to be a hard worker.
  • Thank you to my brother for taking endless pics and making me laugh.
  • Thank you to my boyfriend Mario for loving me & encouraging me to start my blog.
  • Thank you to the greatest friends and family in the world for liking every post, giving your honest opinions, taking pictures, and inspiring me.
  • Last but not least, a big thank you to all of you for following, reading, liking, commenting, etc. all of my blog & social posts! It means the world.